The Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar is something I wish I found years ago.
And maybe, just maybe this is a more expensive version Queen Helene's Mud Pack Masque but it's my new favorite skincare treatment. Plus it's much better packaging since there's no tube to fight with since it's simply a bar of clay. I was pretty bad at exfoliating, which should be done at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and to generally help resurface the skin and give it a good glow.


This bar sits on the edge of my tub, and once a week I'll apply it directly to my face after a hot shower, let it dry while I towel off, and once it's hardened and dried remove it with a wet cloth. While it dries it picks up impurities, and when you remove it, you're essentially buffing the skin and increasing circulation. And from my current use of it, I can tell you it will last a while. It doesn't dry my skin, or leave it tight. I just feel like I've had a good gentle scrub and cleansing.



07/05/2013 11:43am

For years I have looked for an exfoliator that left my skin smooth with no luck. I will definitely give this a try.


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